Saturday, 30 October 2010

The Wargaming Table (1) : Bocage on a budget

At the end of November our local club will have another "longest night" event, and this time in Normandy 1944. Ahead of the incoming game, I thought of working some bocage scenery. I wanted it easy, cheap and effective so I started improvising with materials at hand in my garage. An the final result was (IMHO) more than very decent.

Here I show some photograhs

  • The bases are made of plywood cut in irregular shapes, between 10-15 cm long and around 3 cm width. I covered them with plaster and then painted with acrylics: terracotta  as base-colour,  dry-brushed with ochre and finally washed with dark brown.
  • The next step was to cut (again in irregular shapes) foam rubber (typically found in 28mm-minis blisters) 2-3 cm high and wuth the lenght on the base approximately.  The glue them to the bases.
  • The foam pieces were glued to the bases and once dried and firmly fixed, I soaked them with a generous dose of diluted white glue and get it sprinckled with a mix of sand and fine green flock.
  • I left it to dry completely. The final step was to glue in an irregular manner small pieces of  railway model foliage (see here) of different shades of green that I use for the bases of my figures.
That's it: simple, cheap and effective.


  1. Looks great. I will have to give it a try.

  2. Looks great and seems easy to make too.

  3. Efectivo, pero yo los haría un poco más altos.