Saturday 20 February 2016

Cobblestone Roads and Streets from Barrage Miniatures

This is a review of the latest release of warganing scenery by Barrage Miniatures: the new cobblstone roads/streets and sidewalks range aimed to 28mm games. This comes to fill a gap of scenery we had in our club.

Made of flexible rubber-type resin materials, sold in dark grey pre-painted colour, they come in different sizes and shapes and are fully interchangeable, so you can adapt to any type of table or scenario, and across different ages as you'll see.

Below I show see the road and street sections...

 ... and now the sidewalks!. Notice the amazing level of detail, including tree wells, manhole covers and  sewer grilles. 

Sunday 14 February 2016

Testing Soldiers of God

Soldiers of God (SoG) is a set of rules for the Crusades era written by Warwick Kinrade and published last summer. I came to notice the rules very recently in a Twitter post addressing this review in the Historical Games website.

Frequent readers of this blog know my preference (obsession according to my gaming group's pals) for playing games designed by TooFatLardies and this review left me intrigued. After circulating among my group, we acquired a copy and finally played a game today.

The rules are very nicely printed in 94 half A-4 size pages, with soft cover and contains enough photos and diagrams explaining the different topics covered in the different chapters. The text includes detail explanation of the mechanics and examples of play. The game engine is card-based and the book is sold together with the full deck.