Monday 27 August 2012

Dux Britanniarium - First Levy Unit

A second quick update on my holidays painting project. Now fully concentrated in painting my Romano British army for Dux Britanniarum, a photo of my first levy unit. The models are Gripping Beast (a DB starter army) and the shields, transfers from Little Big Men. The second and third units of levies are currently on the table.

Wednesday 22 August 2012

M113 ACAV Model

A short stop at Madrid (due to school pre-return logistics) is a good opportunity to show the progress in some of my holiday plans. I finished a second M 113 (the ACAV model) and I'm quite pleased  with the results. Using some contemporary photos as inspiration, I decided to name it "Peace Maker"

Thursday 2 August 2012

On Leave...

Saturday marks the beginining of Anibal Invictus' family summer break, and as usual in August every year, we leave this hot Madrid town and head to the mountains. I'll have limited wifi availabilkity so it is unlikely that you'll see any new posts in this blog until late in the month.

I eagerly look forward to have a period of real relax and above all to disconnect from the world around. The term has not been easy for this family (although no health problems, thanks God) with an unexpected employment problem in Christmas time; luckily I could find another job in record time, although in a radically different professional environment (farewell big company, hello partner in what it is now my own small business...) and withouth the time to get adapted to the frenzy itr brings...  never felt soooo exhausted.