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Kampfgruppe Von Luck #4 - Scenario 3: Attacking the Corridor of Death

Time: early hours of June 6th, 1944

Location: La Bas de Ranville, British main position

This is an attack-defend scenario in the main British defensive position. At least in theory, each house may become a strong point and the Germans have to clear it out paying a high price in blood

The British decided to deploy a new fresh platoon and the Germans played with the platoon used in Scenario 1, with only 1 man missing at this stage. The Germans also have 19 support points which were used to reinforce the kampfgruppe with an additional squad and bring an artillery forward observer and a self-propelled 105cm gun (Lorraine Schelepper)

The British spent their support points in one 6 pounder AT gun and roadblock.

After the patrol phase (see jumpoff points in map above), the Germans went for a quick deploy in 3 phases, bringing three squads, the SPG and the FOO in short order. The British roadblock forced the SPG to stop at the first crossroads and stay in overwatch in case a British unit emerged, while the FOO initiated a pre-emptive bombardment in the area marked with a flame.

The game first few phases saw both opponents taking a conservative approach: all German units in overwatch while no British units showing on the field. At a point, the British rolled three 6s and took the opportunity to lift the German artillery barrage, and to deploy an infantry squad and fire on the Germans next to the orchard during two consecutive phases, alas with very little effect (just one shock).

The German reacting reforming the squad and and the SPG (13 HE capability) to return fire on the reckless British, killing 5 men in total. 

The British saw the opportunity in turn now to fire at the SPG by the flank, deploying the 6 pounder on the main road of Ranville. But luck was not on the British side and failed to hit the behemoth. The SPG now turn left and fired, wiping out the ATG crew and gun in one salvo. The British player saw no point in continue fighting and called a retreat.  

Three victories to the Germans so far. This scenario was supposed to be a bloodbath for the German but it was otherwise. The Germans need to win another two scenarios in five possible games. The three German platoons are in very good shape, while the British are by now scrapping the bottom of the barrel. In my opinion, very challenging for the British to win the campaign in these current conditions.      

--UPDATE  JUNE 21 --

The Allied player reassessed the situation and concluded that he had no real opportunity to turnaround the game and conceded defeat. The campaign is concluded with a decisive German victory

- Photo Report -


British Jumpoff Points

German Jumpoff Points

German deployment #1

German deployment #2

German SP Gun

British Airborne Squad

British 6 Pounder

British 6 Pounder