Sunday 26 December 2010

Winter Sports

TFL's Christmas Special 2010 was released a couple of weeks ago and included two real jewels for Mud & Blood players: a mini-game system simulating small trench raid actions ("Winter Sports") and a very good recreation of the British Tank Corps in 1917. I was specially attracted by the former and I quickly organised a game in our club a few days ago.

Sunday 12 December 2010

Jumping off into a new project for 2011

2010 has been a very good wargaming year for me. We have consolidated a very committed group of Lardie-dedicated fans in my club and I can agree that we master extremely well both Troops, Tactics & Weapons and Mud &Blood. We have painted a large pile of 28mm figures for both periods (just take a look in this blog to the previous entries) and we have also improved dramatically our gaming table environment with the acquisition of new terrain boards (just arrived) from En Cobertura.

Monday 6 December 2010

The Race to the Canal

This week-end we have played Scenario 8 of Mud & Blood's companion book Stout Hearts, amended to take place in 1918 and renamed as "The Race to the Canal". It is probably one of the most interesting in the book and depict two platoon-size German and British forces entering the game table in a random fashion and with the objective of controlling a key bridge overlooking a canal somewhere in Flanders.

Saturday 4 December 2010

The view from my window

I woke up early today to discover a beautiful winter morning in Madrid. I haven't really realized until today that I had such a magnificent view of Madrid from the window of my painting-cum-office-room at home. So there I was, took my Nikkon out of the bag and made some pictures.

You can see Madrid's skyline extending east (right) to west (left)..  and  those remarkable four Sauron-type towers erected in the last five years; they will stay forever as a monument to the real-estate bubble bust that have put the economy of this country in great jeopardy...  hopefully they will become a remainder post sign as well for future generations... on how NOT to manage a country's economy that has put 20% of the working population in the dole queue...

Friends in USA, UK and other far away places in the world, if you ever wondered how Madrid looks like, I invite you to enjoy the views from my window.