Friday 31 January 2020

X Painting Challenge - Exploring Unchartered Territory

The rules of engagement of this year’s Challenge (marking the 10th Anniversary) have changed… and for good in my view. 

The main novelty is the contest to explore “Challenge Island”, in which participants are required to explore several key landmarks, across one the paths to the interior of the island, to reach the Snow Lord Peak in its centre (conveniently marked as the “X” of the island). You can read all the details here
Each landmark represents a special painting task for those brave enough to dare exploring this unchartered insular terrain in the middle of some unknown ocean. Incidentally, each landmark is named after some of the longer-standing challengers and I was honoured with one of the locations (Benito’s Brook”).
Today I have been studying the map in order to plot my adventure and considering the different tasks involved, I have concluded that my best way to reach the Snow Lord Peak is through the Path of History.
This path covers only 4 milestones, and I need a fifth to get access to the Snow Lod Peak; therefore, I’ll use the Sarah’s airmobile services at least twice, one to be transported to another landmark and after that to be airlifted to the presence of the Snow Lord.
As mentioned, this looks like we are going to have a lot of fun this year as, not me specially, but some of the contenders have already displayed in the past a significant level of creativity in their projects.
If you are reading this and you are a challenger, I wish you Bon Chance. If you are not, then I recommend staying tuned and to follow the Challenge daily because you are going to enjoy it a lot.