Tuesday 22 January 2019

The Painting Challenge Progress Report (2)

This is the second report of my participation in Curt’s Annual Painting Challenge.
Over the last three weeks since the previous blog entry, I continued fully focused on my British Airborne platoon for Chain of Command, adding a few pieces to the project and maintaining a (surprising) good painting momentum.
The first new entry was the Section Two of the platoon. This is identical to the first section, featuring a Rifle Team and a LMG (Bren) Team   and led by a Junior Leader (in the parlance of Chain of Command).

Thursday 3 January 2019

The Painting Challenge Progress Report (1)

As many of you know, the ninth edition of the Annual Painting Challenge started with a Bang! last 21st December, extending until the end of the winter season in March this year. My project for the current edition (also explained in previous posts) is to complete a British Airborne platoon with supports to play with Chain of Command.
The platoon OB is as follows:
·       Platoon HQ: 2 x senior leaders, PIAT Team, 2” Mortar Team and Sniper Team
·       Section one and two each with 1 Junior Leader, Rifle team (5 men armed with lee Enfields and one with Sten) and a LMG Team (Bren Gun with 3 crew)
·       Section Three: 2 LMG teams as above plus 2 Stens and a Sniper Team
How is it going so far? Not bad at all considering that only two weeks has passed since the start of the event. I have managed to maintain a good momentum, undoubtedly helped by the Christmas holidays; I have invested many hours day and night to paint during the break.
My first entry (click in the links for more details) was a cadre of senior leaders, including some well Hollywoodian characters easily recognisable if you have watched A Bridge Too Far.
So here we have Major General “Roy” Urquhart, Lt Colonel Frost and major Digby Tahtam-Warter