Sunday 20 January 2013

Vietnam Ford Mutt and Update

As you know from the previous post, our family life made a nasty turn last Christmas, disrupting our normal routine and curtailing my time (and appetite) for wargaming activities. Not that the situation is now solved (the doctors remain cautious about my father in law illness) but we are slowly adapting our lives at home to the new environment.

Sunday 6 January 2013

Epiphany Day Presents

This post was written early this morning, when the news broke that mother in-law has suffered early today a brain-stroke, at this time we don't know her condition; this follow the cancer surgery undertaken by my father in-law just before Christmas Eve, with an unclear diganosis right now, and probably the stress that my mother in-law underwnt explains the stroke. This situation is causing a significant disruption to our family and therefore it is very likely that this is my last post for an extended period, as I will have to take a break in my wargaming life for an unknown time. Not good-bye but hopefully "hasta pronto". 


Despite the increasing "americanization" of our country, I'm yet resisting to wipe out totally the Epiphany Day (January 6th) at home, the traditional date in Spain to exchange the Christmas gifts. This year on Christmas Eve I got some Vietnam reinforcements but now the theatre of operations moved to the first half of the 20th century and got a box with three 1/72 Hanomags from the Plastic Soldier Company...

Wednesday 2 January 2013

A Young Padawan Joins the Dark Side...

"Ha,ha, ha" (throaty laughter heard in the background).
"My evil plan looks working and the young Padawan is irresistibly attracted by Dark Side ...of the hobby"

Yes!!! I tempted my son with a basic box of X-Wing on Christmas Day and finally yesterday we spent the full New Year Day afternoon fighting against each other in a far away galaxy... and he really enjoyed the experience, to the extent that we have another game scheduled this afternoon.

Little Luke Skywalker chasing Imperial baddies
First "wargame" for Alex, and a great victory to the father, considering that I have to fight vs Black Ops in the PS3 and the Magic cards addiction.

Seriously, I'm very happy with the experience. The game is really good and visually engaging. He very quickly grabbed an understanding of the main game mechanisms and, after the second game, he started developing some tactical sense of the game on his own. In fact I won the las game by a very short margin and after a very lucky last move: with only one of my Imperial Tie fighters on the table, and 1 hit point away from being defeated, I managed to put my ship on his flank and put a blast of my laser guns on him and ... kha-boom!!

Hopefully, a historical wargame would be the next step in the ladder. Now, for the expansion kits and deep space matt to play on it.