Monday, 18 November 2013

Italian Army 1940-1941 for Chain of Command

After a long spell, Toofatlardies has just released a new army list for Chain of Command, time now for the Italian Army 1940-1941. Information and lists available at the official blog Lard Island.

A very interesting and challenging force, with each squad featuring two (2!) LMG fire teams and one well stuffed 10-men rifle team. A total of 21 men per squad including the embeded squad leaders. The support list are well populated with nice little tin-cans (autoblindas, Fiats...) that personally I much prefer to play rather than the behemoths of the final years of the war.

Considering the period when this list is operative and Richard Clarke's recent modelling foray, we can expect to have some nice DAK and 8th Army lists out pretty soon too!  

Summarising, in addition to the lists published in the Chain of Command book, we have now the following armies available from TooFatLardies:



  1. Very interesting list for the Italian, that... great army. We need now a Campaing Book or something similar.

  2. My son wants to play Italians, we bought some skytreks stuff for FOW but he never painted it. A single platoon is well within our capability. bring on the 8th army I say. (mind you Ill use the BEF list for the moment)