Sunday, 3 November 2013

More Long Street Games

My gaming activity has been very irregular lately as a result of some family health-related issues with my father in-law, who is in hospital again for the thrid time this year. For this reason I had to cancel a Chain of Command game scheduled for Friday, but at least today I had the opportunity to attend a Longstreet game as (literally) a photo reporter (more later on this).

I'm not a fan of the American Civil War period so this time I defected my gaming mates and did not participate in the project; however I was curious to learn some of the basics of the new rules by Sam Mustafa given the very good experience I had with Maurice (his Age of  Reason rules set) last year.

A key aspect in the  simplification of the troops activations system and you basically need now to pay a number of cards to maneuver your troops as you wish (within some limits of course); you can also  use the content of the cards to interrupt your opponent or improve your ability to do somethings.

Overall (and as in the case of my more familiar TooFatLardies rueles sets), the rules take the back seat and the players are mostly concentrated in tactics and manouvering, probably pretty much like the contemporary generals. From what I saw, large masses of figures can be moved in a relatively short period of time and flank attacks are possible if the enemy do not react timely. That makes very fluid games! I'd say that Long Street is likely to be a success and become a reference set for the period.

And now, why I was attending as a reporter? Club Dragón was contacted bythe editors of  Breaking War, a major wargamer magazine in Spain, to write an article on Longstreet, so I helped them with the photos to illustrate the article.

I attach some pics from the game this morning. Well done mates!

Confederate HQ...
...and the Union commanders
Union defensive lines



  1. Greate blog post, very nice pictures.

    The rules sounds very interesting.

    Best regards Michael

  2. Very nice pictures. Curious ruleset; sadly, I have no more time for news rulesets!!!

  3. Good photo-review, pal.
    I was there (in the club, I meann) and I must say this table looked really terrific.
    You could listen some laughs then and now so I guess it was a good game for sure.

  4. Very smart layout and figures and very well photographed.

  5. Hi,
    Great pictures. I am a fan of Longstreet and this weekend I got the chance to play a four player game so tried out using a cavalry brigade and an infantry brigade on each side. The rules worked remarkably well for this unusual format. It is worth a try as you can get quite a bit of subtlety from such seemingly simple rules when deciding whether to go mounted infantry or proper cavalry (hint remember which units are eager and which seasoned or cautious when deploying to prepare for a cavalry charge!)