Sunday 18 April 2010

Trench Raid Scenario - Battle Report

We finally played the scenario described in the previous post, with a marginal victory for the Germans (they captured a full British section as prisioners but were not able to find any relevant documents).

The British deployed its sections in the dug-outs as marked in the map, deciding to cover its right flank (closer to the entry point of the Germans) with the off-table HMG in sustained fire role.

Friday 16 April 2010

Trench Raid Scenario

Well, I have been offline longer than anticipated due to a combination of some nice holidays and a bumpy landing at my workplace. From my holiday reading, I highly recommend the Osprey Campaign 187 "Cambrai 1917", lots of useful stuff for skirmish scenarios (some ideas already in my head).

On Sunday I will play a trench raid scenario written by "Fat Lardie" Richard  Clarke for the SOTCW Journal 68 a few months ago.

The scenario simulates a night trench raid, where the Germans aim to capture some prisioners and documents from the British. A small 4" x 4" table, the British sections are resting in their dugouts and have deployed a couple of sentries on watch role in what apparently looks like another quiet night in the Western Front.