Friday 23 May 2014

Bloggers Summit in Madrid

...oh! well, not a crowded one (just two of us) ...but consider the high quality of the meeting attendants!  :-)

Yes, our famous Canadian blogger Curt from Analogue Hobbies stopped by Madrid in his spring European tour visiting the UK, the Netherlands and France and we both have the opportunity to share some locally made beer and tapas (no Rioja this time!).

Curt is an active and very respected blogger and a fellow member of the Lardite brotherhood, also very well known for organising a global annual painting contest (recently concluded in its fourth edition). If you (unlikely) has not visited his blog yet, don't waste your time: a must for any wargaming aficionado and you'll find the quality of both content and photos a source of endless inspiration to your games and painting work.

Although this was the first time we met face to face, it was like if we have known each other from long ago. Actually this has been an unexpected bonus of my blogging activity: the strong bonds emerging from our shared interests the hobby... and the impressive ability of the social media to establish links among people separated by continents and oceans!

It was a similar experience when I visited Salute in 2012 and met the Lard crowd at the Fox’s or when Steve from Norseygamer (another Lardista!)  stopped at Madrid briefly when touring the Iberian Peninsula’s Napoleonic battlefields.  

So if any you blog readers happened to come to Madrid, do not hesitate a minute to contact me and I’ll make my best to share some drinks and tapas in my city and/or organise a game in our local club.

Thursday 8 May 2014

Birthday Present Finally Arrived

A photo of the book I gave to myself for my (recently passed) birthday, that arrived yesterday sent by Amazon. Lee Hadley of Big Lee's Miniature Adventires blog fame brought my attention into it in a recent post commenting several WW II books. 

This a large-size and 600 page-thick tome featuring the trip of the author, Jean Paul Pollard to the North African battlefields in 2011 (from Tunisa to Egypt). Armed with a camera, he spent several months taking photos of the same locations of the contemporary war-era photos. Really interesting and a real must for anyone interested in this was theater.

Excellent and highly recommendable, just enjoying it tonight sitting in my favourite reading sofa and drinking a truly cold beer (summer already arrived to madrid today!)