Monday 25 July 2011

Six Weeks - A promising start

A few months ago, this book was recommended an commented by Sidney Roundwood in his blog. Having followed Sidney's posts in the blog and the TFL Yahoo Group for over a year now, I tend to rely on his balanced opinion and critical judgement. Being a quiet summer national holiday today here, I decided to start this afternoon with the book... and whow! ...the prologue was really spine-chilling, describing the few minutes before  jumping over the top and run into the German line.

You can read these first pages in the Amazon website thanks to the "look inside" facility and make your own opinion, but it looks really promising, as a way of digging deeper in the psychology and tribulations the real men (flesh and bones) behind your little tin soldiers.

Sunday 24 July 2011

Night of the Hunter

Sidney Roundwood is another of my favourite bloggers and a key member of the TooFatLardies community. His blog, mainly dedicated to the WWI rules set Through the Mud and the Blood  is a source of inspiration for wargamers and aficionados of this period. Sidney has published several add-ons to the main rule body dealing in detail with tanks, snipers or trench raiding actions. More recently he's be working on night fighting and  today we we have played one of his latest scenarios, "The Night of the Hunter" which can be downloaded  here.

Wednesday 13 July 2011


No, not a comment about this (very) great  film, but a quick AAR illustrated with pictures of my last game at  the club last Sunday (and some photos too). To be honest, this a wargaming period that have never attracted my attention; but my mates wanted to try a new Zulu war scenarios book with the idea of playing a campaign likely in autumn... so I decided to give a try.

Tuesday 12 July 2011

On to Stalingrad (V)

This is an update about our summer wargame project at our club, a street fighting in Stalingrad using Troops, Weapons and Tactics, the skirmish platoon level rules of the TFL factory. I have already posted some updates on the progres of this project which is now ready to roll. I include today a couple of photos of the game table, already finished,

Sunday 10 July 2011

Tank Men

Big Lee  is one of my favourite bloggers and from time to time he shares comments about his latest readings. A couple of months ago he posted this entry about a book called Tank Men written by Robert Kershaw. This guy in one of those rare breed of soldier, historian and writer that (frankly speaking) you only find in the anglo-saxon world and whom I met some years ago when I read his other excellent work "It Never Snows ins September" (Arnhem  through th eyes of the German soldiers).

Friday 1 July 2011

Force Publique - Gallant Belgians "liberating" Congo

My buddies at Club Dragón organise one of our fortnights long games this time set in the Dark Continent. It is not a period of special interest to me, but I have received a full AAR of the battle and a pile of photographs, both worth reading and watching. Hope you enjoy them.
Anibal Invictus

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On Friday last week we had a fine evening in our local Club at Madrid, playing a big African adventure all night long, and enjoying every minute of it.

This game was included in our series “The Longest Night”, a cycle of gaming nights that we have been playing for several months now, having a lot of fun while trying several scenarios “bigger than life”, from the East African campaigns of First World War to the Normandy Bocage.