Monday, 25 July 2011

Six Weeks - A promising start

A few months ago, this book was recommended an commented by Sidney Roundwood in his blog. Having followed Sidney's posts in the blog and the TFL Yahoo Group for over a year now, I tend to rely on his balanced opinion and critical judgement. Being a quiet summer national holiday today here, I decided to start this afternoon with the book... and whow! ...the prologue was really spine-chilling, describing the few minutes before  jumping over the top and run into the German line.

You can read these first pages in the Amazon website thanks to the "look inside" facility and make your own opinion, but it looks really promising, as a way of digging deeper in the psychology and tribulations the real men (flesh and bones) behind your little tin soldiers.


  1. It's a really interesting book, isn't it? What I found constantly amazing is that most of the officers whose letters, diairies or reports are in the book were under 25 years old, and many seemed to be very much younger. I'll be keen to know what you made of it when you've finished.