Saturday 24 March 2012

Vietnam project update

Slowly but surely, and despite a very busy March at work, I continue adding pieces to our Vietnam project. I managed to make some sceney pieces, including some first attempts to have bamboo thickets using  BBQ wooden sticks and scale railway flock ....

Sunday 18 March 2012

Training the New Recruit in Through the Mud & the Blood

A lovely Sunday for me today, played my first game in three months, got a new recruit for our legion of local TooFatLardies faithful and had a decent lunch at the Real Madrid's stadium cafe to celebrate Father's Day (actually its is tomorrow, but I prefered to avoid the usually overcroweded restaurants on March 19th).

I made my good action of the day, training Alfredo, a new recruit in the 'arts' of the Through the Mud & the Blood, the TooFatLardies WWI platoon-sized skirmish rules. Well new recruit may be an exageration after all, as Alfredo was one of the founders of our club back in in the early 80s... but only recently he has returned to the hobby.

Anyway, Alfredo being only slighltly familiar with the rules, I decided to go for the first training scenario of the companion scenarios book Stouts Heart, depicting a British 1917 platoon with its four sections (rifles, Lewis gun, bombers and rifle-bombers squads) that has to take a well defended cross-road strongpoint.

Saturday 3 March 2012

Stalingrad Campaign: Conclusion

In the biting cold of a grey-clouded afternoon, the last bullets were fired... 9 months after it started, the Stalingrad Campaign played by the Lardie section of the Club Dragón in Madrid concluded last night, the longest ever played... and here the (historical) moment when our umpire took the last "Tea Break" card from the deck...

...and guess who won...(put the computer speakers at highest level!)