Saturday, 24 March 2012

Vietnam project update

Slowly but surely, and despite a very busy March at work, I continue adding pieces to our Vietnam project. I managed to make some sceney pieces, including some first attempts to have bamboo thickets using  BBQ wooden sticks and scale railway flock .... well as rice paddies.

 I'm also building my first US troops (from The Assault Group, four already finished and another four pending to finish the bases.

I have also acquired a large blister of Vietnamese civilians from West Wind Productions, not the highest quality minis but there are not many alternatives and these were relatively unexpensive.

Civilians are not just a decorative or expendable item playing with Charlie Don't Surf, the platoon-size Vietnam era rules of the TooFatLardies factory. This rules set provide an important role to civilians in the victory conditions of the Free World-side player, loosing victory points if they suffer damage and having to play with some severe restrictions if intending to use artillery is populated areas.

I'm now entering into another period of traveling at work and therefore limited time to paint or play; but with the Easter holidays looming now, I hope to make some additional progress in two weeks time.     


  1. Do you find that really thick terrain gets in the way in these games or is it ok? I like a jungle table with lots of jungle but I'm not sure how it would play, not having tried those rules out yet.

    1. We do a copule of things: (1) to clearly mark the limits of the different terrain types (a line of trees of thick vegetation for difficult going for example); (2) fill the area with relatively small pieces of vegetation (like those in the photos) that we can easily move aside to plce the forces. As for (2) we found it more useful than the typical large jungle-thick bases with fixed scenery. Take a look to the photos in some of the batreps in this blog to see what I mean with the scenery

  2. A great trick! However, maybe your US or Vietcong will look as goldfishes in this scenery!