Sunday, 1 April 2012

Battle in Sudan - Photo Report

Following the conclusion of the great Stalingrad campaign, some of my wargaming mates have launched a new project around the Colonial Wars in Sudan. Not a topic of my personal interest, I decided not to join the campaign this time. However, I have received some photos from the first battle played on Friday night that I think are worth sharing in my blog.

Some general views of the gaming table...

The British squares...

Attacking the squares...

From what I heard the British swuares are now in the brink of breaking up, severly mauled by the ferocious Mahdist attack and a retreat is not anb option, as the lots of injured British soldiers and officers cannot be left to the "mercy" of the enemy.


  1. Oh I say, what a great looking game; superb miniatures too.

  2. Impresionante, Benito, simplemente impresionante.