Sunday 8 April 2012

Seven Years Wars at the Club

A new period is brewing in my wargaming circle, the Seven Yeras Wars and Frederick the Great, played with Maurice the recently released work of Sam Mustafa (known for his popular Napoleonic rules-set Lasalle).

I have not played it (...yet?...) but I have a lot of trust in my gaming mates who have decided to start testing this set... and their first asessment  is: very good... but no, I WILL NOT start another period, NOT at all... I have a strong will and  I´ll  surely RESIST the temptation...

In the meantime, I leave you here from some photos from the battle played this morning at our Club that probably help you understand why I'm NOT playing this period


  1. Great period - we play a lot of SYW using POW rules. A new SYW battle report out tomorrow on the Battle of Wandiwash in India (Britain vs France).

  2. Really looking forward to getting my hands on Maurice (on order with card deck from North Star) as it looks rather good.

    Great figures and terrain

  3. Benito, what a stunning game. You can almost here the drums and fifes and the roar of the cannon. Looks very, very fine indeed - but come on, you're tempted aren't you, really.....come on, admit it....:)