Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Dragons Flying to London...

...hopefullly arriving to the Excel Centre on time fro Salute 2012. A fairly and decently large representation of our club (10 people according to the last roll-call) is flying on Friday morning for a full 3-day wargaming bash in London. Our plan is to go from Gatwick directly to the Bovington Tank Museum, hit the Salute venue on Saturday morning; and between the afternoon and Sunday morning pay a visit to the National Army Museum and/or the Imperial War Museum.

This is the official agenda of the group, ambitious but probably achievable. My own personal agenda includes meeting face-to-face some of the bloggers whom I'´ve building relations over the past two years in the blogsphere, like Sidney Roundwood, the now almost-mythical Fran a.ka. "The Angry Lurker" (a guy with over 1,000 followers!!!) and his arch-enemy Ray Roussell :-), of the Rejects Group, among many others.... and of course I will not miss the call made by Richard Clarke, the man behind the TooFatLardies, to share a beer at the Fox around noon.

So don't be shy and if if you see  a group of guys there, NOT speaking English,  wearing dark blue pullovers with a yellow logo of a dragon in the front, please stop us and ask for Annibal Invictus. 


  1. Ya estamos listos, nos vemos en Londres

  2. Jo, qué suerte... pasadlo bien.

  3. Como a La Meca, al menos 1 vez en la vida....

  4. Mythical my arse and I applaud you for spelling the ratbag Ray's name wrong, hopefully see you there mate!

  5. Looking forward to meeting up, even though you did spell my name wrong!

    1. SSSSSorry I'm too excited with the trip and pay little attention to the spelling!!!!