Saturday 25 June 2011

Virus Infection!

There's a virus spreading across the Napoleonic wargamers world, the "Perry's virus". I have noticed that in many of the blogs I frequently follow, many gamers out there are focusing a lot of painting effort  to the minis of the famous twin brothers, and probably with reason as their 28mm plastic range offers unparalelled price-quality relation in the market.

I have not been inmune the virus, and after playing a few battles with Lasalle (see the posts here and here) and being highly inspired by my visit to the Army Museum in Paris) I decided that it was time to jump on this wagon too.

Tuesday 21 June 2011

More Posters

In a previous post  at the end of May, I commented about a nice little shop in Madrid specialised in old prints and  comics posters. At my last birthday (early May) I really couldn't think about birthday presents suggestions to anyone in my family (they rejected  to reinforce any of my little armies: "no más soldaditos, por favor" you could hear them saying). 

Friday 10 June 2011

WWI Archaeology News

I thought this piece of news released in the BBC website could be of interest for WWI aficionados:

Archaeologists are beginning the most detailed ever study of a Western Front battlefield, an untouched site where 28 British tunnellers lie entombed after dying during brutal underground warfare. For WWI historians, it's the "holy grail".

Thursday 9 June 2011

On to Stalingrad (IV)

A quick update of the Stalingrad project. Head architect tovarich José Carlos just sent me a photo to demonstrate that he works day and night to have the buildings ready (he better does or else will be deported to Siberia). The buildings and figures are 28mm scale for those who want to know, and before you ask me. Really looking forward to this summer's campaign!!!!

Monday 6 June 2011

Spring blues

A few months ago I showed you a beautiful Madrid winter view from my window. Just to dispel any myths about "sunny Spain" all year-round, I show you now how nasty the weather can be in Spring in my city. The Sauronesque towers look even more evil than before.