Monday, 6 June 2011

Spring blues

A few months ago I showed you a beautiful Madrid winter view from my window. Just to dispel any myths about "sunny Spain" all year-round, I show you now how nasty the weather can be in Spring in my city. The Sauronesque towers look even more evil than before.

Hobby-wise, things have been very quiet recently. I haven't been around my local club for several weeks now (family engagements...) and my painting projects are somewhat stalling (it's not lack of time but the wrong mindset theses days... don't have the energy to sit in my desk and paint...should I blame the weather perhaps?)

I definitely need to move forward and leave this apathy behind... I'll organise a game next weekend to celebrate our mini-Lard Day in Madrid (June 12th in the UK)... alas nobody plays here WWII African Front, will have to find a proper substitute.


  1. Benito, that's still a wonderful view even on a grey Spring day. I'm sure there are very bright days ahead. Anyway, it could be so much worse....imagine having to GM/Umpire one of those WWII North Africa games knowing nothing about WWII or North Africa in general. Ah yes, just guess which mug agreed to to that...!