Tuesday 31 May 2011

Nostalgia Posters

Even after all these years living in Madrid, from time to time you find yourself surprised after finding that little nice shop hidden in a corner or in a lower-ground below the street level.

This was the case last weekend; my wife and I were strolling in a central shopping area of our city (Barrio de Salamanca) when ...voilà! ... we accidentally bumped into a small shop run by a very nice gentleman and his mother that sells replicas (is that the word in English?) of past-times commercial posters and (important to me) large-format covers of the main Tintin books.

The guy has a very large collection of motor-bikes, cars, airlines, consumer  products, etc posters in diffrent sizes and formats... but also this one...

   ... and my wife, knowing my passion for WWI, could not resist buying it for me (thanks darling!).

If visiting Madrid, you may like to visit "Nostalgic Shop" located in Goya 43


  1. AAAAAHHH, ¡cómo molaaaaaa!
    Gracias por el enlace, tengo un colega que le va a gustar

  2. Benito, that looks like a great shop. Perfect for an hour's browsing.