Saturday, 4 December 2010

The view from my window

I woke up early today to discover a beautiful winter morning in Madrid. I haven't really realized until today that I had such a magnificent view of Madrid from the window of my painting-cum-office-room at home. So there I was, took my Nikkon out of the bag and made some pictures.

You can see Madrid's skyline extending east (right) to west (left)..  and  those remarkable four Sauron-type towers erected in the last five years; they will stay forever as a monument to the real-estate bubble bust that have put the economy of this country in great jeopardy...  hopefully they will become a remainder post sign as well for future generations... on how NOT to manage a country's economy that has put 20% of the working population in the dole queue...

Friends in USA, UK and other far away places in the world, if you ever wondered how Madrid looks like, I invite you to enjoy the views from my window. 


  1. Terrific view, love the mountains in the background. Maybe one day I'll have the opportunity to get back to Europe, as I've never been to Madrid.

  2. Benito, that's a wonderful view. The mountains and the snow look awesome. Madrid's a fantastic city - I've always had a brilliant time whenever I've been.

  3. Thanks guys, Funny I did not realised the views before... my wife put some curtains in the room when we bought the flat a few years ago. Yesterday it has been the first time that the laundry lasted more than 1 day and this is how I discovered the view. Anyone Lardie coming here, let me know, I'll take you out to have tapas.