Thursday 2 August 2012

On Leave...

Saturday marks the beginining of Anibal Invictus' family summer break, and as usual in August every year, we leave this hot Madrid town and head to the mountains. I'll have limited wifi availabilkity so it is unlikely that you'll see any new posts in this blog until late in the month.

I eagerly look forward to have a period of real relax and above all to disconnect from the world around. The term has not been easy for this family (although no health problems, thanks God) with an unexpected employment problem in Christmas time; luckily I could find another job in record time, although in a radically different professional environment (farewell big company, hello partner in what it is now my own small business...) and withouth the time to get adapted to the frenzy itr brings...  never felt soooo exhausted.

Now, I take a lot projects in my suitcase. I'm aware that I will not be able to accomplish all, but I will have enough choice to jump around as I fancy
  1. First, with Dux Britanniarum already out, in addition to get familiarised with the rules, señor Dalauppror has planted a seed of desire to paint the Romano British Army brought from London at the time of my visit to Salute last April.
  2. Señor Thanos and his most excellent Minatures & Terrain blog, has also feed my appetite to undertake a couple of projects explained in detail in these tutorials: explosion markers and  the Normandy Houses.
  3. Of course I will continue expanding my Vietnam US army, including some new terrain features that I have in mind
  4. And last but not least, I may try this year to emulate Sidney Roundwood's unsurpaassed WWI scenery materials, starting with some small piece and perhaps planning to develop my own "dead marshes" terrains (a real challenge for my limited scenery-making abilities)... and just today he came with a new idea that flamed my heart with desire...I cannot resist to at least attempt it.
Of course, I will need to feed my intellect to, and for that I'm taking some history books with me planning to continue expanding my knowledge about the Vietnam conflict (helicopter tactics and long range patrols are my next fields) and to get introduced in the Dark Age of Britain period.

Farewell,  my fellow readers. Looking to contact again in 3 weeks time. For those also leaving over the enxt 3 weeks, wish you amost relaxing time wherever you willñ be heading.  


  1. Disfruta tus vacaciones... con todos esos proyectos que te llevas; estoy deseando ver tus progresos, que siempre son una fuente de inspiración... y una peligrosa tentación.

    Un saludo.

    1. Si cubro el 10% me daré con un canto en los dientes

  2. Benito, have a wonderful holiday in the stunning mountains of Spain - Pyrenees or Galicia? Wherever, have a great time and a fantastic holiday - and don't worry if no hobby gets done!!

  3. It's very stressing to have all that free time and don't grab a brush. :-)
    Thanks anyway

  4. Nice to be on top of that list;)

    Glad to be able to give you some inspiration!

    I hope you get a realy nice vaccation :)

    Best regards Michael