Saturday 20 February 2016

Cobblestone Roads and Streets from Barrage Miniatures

This is a review of the latest release of warganing scenery by Barrage Miniatures: the new cobblstone roads/streets and sidewalks range aimed to 28mm games. This comes to fill a gap of scenery we had in our club.

Made of flexible rubber-type resin materials, sold in dark grey pre-painted colour, they come in different sizes and shapes and are fully interchangeable, so you can adapt to any type of table or scenario, and across different ages as you'll see.

Below I show see the road and street sections...

 ... and now the sidewalks!. Notice the amazing level of detail, including tree wells, manhole covers and  sewer grilles. 

Here a sample of a street section combining the different pieces.

Some photos of a game recently played at our club using this new scenery.

Finally, the cobblestone roads can be used to play games simulating Roman ways (Roman to Dark Ages) straight to the Second World War.

A great addition to the growing range of urban scenery offered by Barrage Miniatures.