Saturday, 19 March 2016

Father's Day Gifts

Today is Father's Day here in Spain. In order to avoid the ubiquitous tie, I have provided some proper guidance to my family with some more original ideas, which seems to have worked perfectly well...

I have played the Ancients game for some years now and although not being properly a historical simulation, I like the simplicity of the system based on a card deck that is not as easy to master as it may seem at first glance.  Perfect for a quick game day or afternoon in the club when there’s no quorum to play with the minis on a table

For some time I have pondered whether to get or not into the Napoleonic version and when one of our club members said he was looking to sell it to open some space in his wargames shelf, I jumped into the opportunity.

The other (unsolicited) gift was this

Very useful and absolutely mandatory if you plan to start a political career in the ranks of the Partido Popular (our version in Spain of the North American Republican or the British Conservatives) as anyone following Spanish politics will surely appreciate... XD

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