Sunday 27 March 2016

II World War French Vehicles Kickstarter

A good catch by our fellow Nordic blogger Joakim aka The Miniatures Man: a very interesting new Kickstarter of French Vehciles of the Second World War. The project incude several rarities but personally the most interesting part is the inclusion of the vehicles modified by the German engineer Alfred Becker and put to good use by the (reconstitued) 21st Panzer Division in Normandy as part of the strecht goals.

One has been already unlocked (the Reihenwerfer)

And having broken the GBP5,000 goal, the 7.5cm pak 40 Somua must also be available by now.

Next in the list is the Geschutzwagen 39H (f) but will only be released when reachin the GBP7,500 level, unlikely considering that the campaign has already collected GBP5,500 with only a few days to run.

The Kickstarter covers both the 28mm and 20mm scale and will close in 5 days from now. I'm not a big fan of crowfunding campaigns (so far I have only participated in one), but this one deserves at least a seriousconsideration on my part.


  1. A note that the 20mm scale campaign is a separate campaign found here
    I backed Mad Bobs last kickstarter (Hungarian vehicles) and was very satisfied with what I got from that one.