Sunday, 14 March 2010


Here we go... I plan to maintain this blog to share ideas, scenarios and battle reports of my games with the Twofatlardies rule sets ( We'll see if this works and I'm up to the challenge, taking into consideration my family and profesional obligations...on top of struggling to reduce my "lead & plastic" figures painting pile, etc.

A bit of background: I become a follower of the Lardies in late 2008, when someone in my local club persuaded a group of us to test the skirmish-oriented I World War set called "Through the Mud and Blood" (TMB); I think we inmediately fell in love with these rules and from there it took very little effort to jump into "Troops Weapons and Tactics" (TWT), the Lardies' II World War rule set, that have been extensively tried over the last year.

What I most like from the Lardies' rule sets is the combination of playability (... not suited to the Squad Leader fans...), real historical flavour and the very original game-engine design based on cards versus the traditional "I go-you go" turn sequence, which brings a strong "fog of war" sense into the game table.

I can only conclude recommending to give a try to these two sets or to any of the remaining rule sets dealing with modern (Vietnam about to be published) and napoleonic conflicts, or the recently released II WW aerial combat set "Bag the Hun".

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