Sunday, 13 February 2011

More VC activity detected!

The Viet Cong forces continue their buildup. A couple of weeks ago I introduced to all of you my first Vietnam period painted figures and today I have finished a support weapons squad, heavily armed with RPGs, Chinese LMGs and some US-captured weapons. All are from The Assault Group "Up Country" range.

Despite my criticism in the previous post, I'm starting to like these minis (not yet love, but approaching) and hopefully they will make a good game in a few weeks from now when we will start testing and learning Charlie Don't Surf.

I was on Friday having lunch with a former university teacher of mine in central Madrid. That was a good opportunity to visit my favourite shop there (Atlántica Juegos), returning back home with a couple of additional VC blisters, the cadre for my next rifle squad.

But I need to remain focused because on Saturday I was invited to play a Napoleonic game using Sam Mustafa's "Lasalle" rules ... and I admit that enjoyed the game a lot... a new return to Napoleonics?...Tempting...and those nice 28mm Perry's calling me at night in my dreams...

We'll see, I have been frustrated with Volley & Bayonet and not convinced with Le Feu Sacree (so far the only TFL rules set that I defected)  but need to keep testing and trying with additional games. The curse of the gamer, never finishing a period, always attracted by a new one... but this time will be different... or not?


  1. Estimado Invictus.

    Lo que mola es la traducción simultanea que hace el programa pues cuan tu pones <<... a couple of additional VC blisters... >>; y sale <<... ampollas adicionales de capital de riesgo... >> y me he estado tronchando el pompis por si hay horario infantil.

    Saludos by Sir C&C.