Sunday, 20 March 2011

Napoleonic Blog

Now for something totally different and far away from the Lard world, the key themeof this blog. I want to call your attention to this blog on the Napoleonic Wars with a strong focus in the Peninsular War or "Guerra de la Independencia", as we call it here in Spain. Don´t get misguided by the name of the blog ("Project Leipzig 1813) because it covers all the Napoleonic Wars period.

The author is a long-time and well-known, as well as deeply knowledgeable, Spanish wargamer, Rafael Pardo; and if I'm not wrong (my memory is not what it used to be), he  was one of the first Spaniards to use Internet in the late 90s-early 2000s to share his passion for the hobby and history (ans science, his true profession).

I have recently returned to wargaming the Napoleonic period with Lasalle ( I was not really hooked by the TFL rules called "Le Feu Sacree" when they were released last year) and I cannot recommend more you all becoming a follower of Rafael if you like this period of history. Hope you find the blog enjoyable as I did.

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