Saturday 19 November 2011

SALUTE 2012 - Spanish Armada heading to London

Some of you may think this is premature, but I wanted to share with you our project to attend the Salute 2012. The idea came up in the group within my local club that gathers regularly to play TooFatLardies games and the response has been enthusiastic so far, with nine members already signed-up. In fact the initial plan has become more ambitious, and the latest version is to fly Friday early in the morning, hire a car and straight to Bovington Tank Museum; Saturday morning will be invested in Salute and in the afternoon we will visitthe National Army Museum; on Sunday it will be the time to visit the Imperial War Museum and then back to Madrid.

Being so earlñy birds, we have already found very cheap plane tickets (€100 return to Gatwick with Easyjet) and now we are searching for a decently priced lodging (something not so easy in London, I'm afraid). So I hope to meet personally the original TooFatLardies gang and hopefully some of the bloggers that I usually follow (Ashley from Paint it Pink,  Sidney Roundwood, Big Lee, the Angry Lurker, among many others...).

Anyone with a good advice on lodging, pubs and restaurants, we will really appreciate if you leave a comment in this blog.


  1. Benito, this is fantastic news! Wow, that's quite a tour! Bovington is quite a way from London for a day trip, but just about do-able. I guess you might want to think about accomodation in South London if you're doing the National Army Museum and Imperial War Museum (and Bovington). I'll ask around, chat to the lads at the Club and drop you and email offline when I hear of somewhere.

  2. Qué suerte y qué envidia. En fin...
    Para alojarse, yo se un sitio en el norte de Londres. Son parientes lejanos mios. Creo que de precios anda carillo, pero si las habitaciones son compartidas, tal vez valga la pena:

  3. looking forward to meet you and the other guys.