Sunday 8 June 2014

Bit of an Update

Usual readers may have noticed that this blog has been somewhat neglected recently, but my life is gone thorugh an hectic period recently and my gaming activity has been low since late April: additionally I have found few interesting topics worth making you waste your time. 

Real life interfered, in some case for good, in other for bad. As for the latter, my wife’s beloved father died in early May, a very sad loss and a relief at the same time as he’d been fighting for 3 years against a very aggressive cancer; personally it’s been hard  for the loss itself, but also because it brought me memories of my own father’s  passing away now 15 years ago (June 1999) after a similar and cruel fight against the same son of a bitch (sorry for the words).  Now all our attention and love is being focused in my mother in law, still recovering from the loss of his partner for over 60 years

The good news (but of little consolation in these circumstances) was that after a year unemployed I was offered as finance director in a newly created energy company. Just when I thought there was little future of a 50 years-old professional, I happen to meet coincidentally with an old boss of mine, who was searching from someone for this vacant post and offered me the position… a rare alignment of planets?  

Wargaming wise, our DesertCampaign started in early May but for the reasons exposed I have almost no participation in it. 3 two-table games have already been played with a small advantage to the Germans so far, despite an initial setback. I hope to rejoin the campaign  in the next weeks.

The Empire...

...the Italians...

...and the Germans

And finally, I have not been idle on the painting front: I manage to conclude a couple of support 
pieces for my Italian army (a small AT gun and a Solothurn AT rifle) and also the first squad of my DAK platoon together with a FOO team.

Hopefully, as normality returns (if that ever exists…) I’ll be able to resume my blogging and have a more active wargaming life.


  1. A really good alignment of planets! Fantastic!
    It is fantastic that you have found an employment. I´m really happy for you.
    Very nice miniatures. Those DAK figures are fantastic!

    ¡Un fuerte abrazo!

  2. Enhorabuena por el trabajo y siento lo de tu suegro. La vida da a veces una de cal y otra de arena. Yo ahora tengo una de arena, porque el domingo pasado me fracturé la clavícula, y me operaron el martes. Me cuesta un poco escribir, en fin...
    Me encantan esos Matilda.

  3. Good to see you back on track.

  4. Sad news, but also good news. Good to see you back.

    Nice work as well.

  5. Hello Benito:
    First, my condolences on the loss of your father-in-law and on the memories it stirred. We are always touched at some deep level by the loss of a parent. Blessings to you and your family as you comfort your mother-in-law.
    Congratulations on your new job. I hope it is all that you want it to be and more.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your blogging and gaming when life permits. I really like the FOO team in the last photo, very nice.

  6. I'm sorry to hear of your family's loss, my condolences.

    BUT, congratulations on your new position - I wish you every success in your new career.

  7. Sorry to hear the sad news Benito, I wish you and your family all the best.
    Great to read the good news, congrats and good luck!