Saturday, 15 November 2014

Chain of Command Tactical Book

Richard Clarke Chain of Command author and TooFatLardies Big Man has been posting over the last week, a set of very interesting articles in the official TFL blog explaining some critical platoon tactical topics for those interested in military matters.

The booklet is presented as typical IIWW infantry training manual and covers the following aspects:
  • Patrols & Reconnaissance
  • Deployment: attacker notes
  • Deployment: defender notes
  • Fire and Movement
  • Resource placement
  • Combat in buildings

These posts have now been compiled and edited in a single pdf document 30 pages long and deliver for free to anyone interested. If you like to download your copy just click here from my own Google docs area.

Note the this booklet is NOT required to play Chain of Command and onthe contrary it can be of interest for players of other altrernative rules in the market

In any case Tactical primer  is a very welcome complementary addition to the series of publications of this II World War platoon-size engaments rules set that currently includes the campaigns handbook (At the Sharp End), the large games rules (Big CoC) and more recently, the 29 Let's Go! Normandy-based campaign book.

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  1. Great idea. These articles haven been really interesting.
    Thank you a lot!