Sunday 25 March 2018

VIII Painting Challenge is over :-(

Time flies and three months later Curt's Annual Painting Challenge is (sadly) over. This is my third year participating and probably the one I've enjoyed the most. It's also a good opportunity to accelerate on one of my annual painting projects which I tend to focus around one theme.

This year was Austrian Napoleonics, which I've been slowly advancing now for several months now. I took the opportunity to do some research on less known units and bumped with the Vienna Volunteers, one of the most outstanding militia units in the 1809 campaign.

This is a summary of the output this year

Austrian Line Battalions

Austrian Vienna Volunteers Battalions (1st and 2nd)



Other bits & pieces


  1. Hi Benito. I missed the entire AHPC this year (I think I'm done with it) but sorry I missed these entries. These are some very fine Napoleonics, I especially like the shades of grey on the Vienna guys. Bravo.

  2. Nice to see all this year's challenge together, I'm using the 1809 campaign as the base for my Napoleonic forces and inspired by you I will definitely be doing the Vienna volunteers!
    Best Iain

  3. Sorry for the late, late comment, but these are truly superb. A period/genre I enjoy as well.