Sunday, 22 May 2016

Sharp Practice: The Storm of Cascajales de Alba

The French and British forces in the Iberian Peninsula fought today for the control of Cascajales de Alba, a small poor village in the border with Portugal, but key to the French defensive line in the Tagus valley.

This was Scenario 5 of the Sharp Practice book. The French were on the defensive this time and to win, the British must capture the house with the blue line on the map below. The French had a Regular core force plus 10 support points, invested in a gun with leader level I.

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Sharp Practice: Attack on Cerro Medellin (July 1809)

Today I played my second Sharp Practice game (third for my gaming pals as I missed the one organized the last weekend). We used Scenario 3 “Defence in Depth" of the book, in the context of the Talavera Battle (July 1809), the French attack on Cerro Medellín.

French attack and British defend in this scenario. I played on the French side and chose the French Regulars as core force, adding an artillery piece, a Dragoon group  and a Big Man level I as supports.
The terrain was basically featureless, with a hill (Cerro Medellin) dominating the British deployment area and small stream (minor obstacle) marking the limit of its defensive line. The British had a primary and a secondary deployment points located within the first 12 and 36 inches of its table edge.
The French also had two deployment points to be located in the two halves of their table side and with 6 inches of the edge.
The French had to capture the British primary deployment point or force their withdrawal from the battlefield to win.

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Sharp Practice: First Shots

As many readers of this blog and the whole Lard fan community knows, Sharp Practice 2 was released on St George´s day. I received the pdf copy of the rules at 7.30AM sharp (sigh) on Saturday and my hardcopy, cards and tokens will hit home hopefully some day next week.
It was too tempting to lose this Sunday without at least giving a try to the rules; despite having just skipped the book on Saturday (… while busy preparing a major dinner at home to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary), my club’s pals were of the same opinion and this morning we exchanged the first shot in a small skirmish encounter game.

I played the French side with four line infantry groups, two skirmish group and one Dragoons cavalry group vs the a British army with a similar lay-out. I’m not looking to describe the battle in detail as it was a game frequently interrupted to clarify aspects of the rules and in search of the right tables in the tablet to fire and to move.
The most remarkable action was the charge of the French cavalry downhill against a group of KGL hussars that dare to get to close to the French. In the melee the Germans were massacred, losing 6 out of the 8 troopers and the group commander being seriously wounded.

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Sharp Practice 2 - Preorder period open

A little late to the party (I was out of Spain in a business trip the wople week), but I have just pre-ordered Sharp Practice, the incoming new rules by TooFatLardies covering the black powder period that is, from 1700 to mid XIX century.
The rules will be available on the 23rd of April, Saint Georges (but also the day our own national Cervantes died, that was instituted as the Book’s Day in Spain). In the meantime, TFL offers a number of bundles with the hardcopy of the book, cards and tokens needed to play at a significant discount… and in addition you get the pdf electronic version of the rules for free.  Detailed explanation can be found in Lard Island (the official blog) and the website.

Note that these are NOT Napoleonic period rules, but cover a substantial wider period including The Seven Years Wars, FIW, AWI, Napoleonic and ACW among other. And also that these rules are designed to play skirmish oriented battles, therefore do not expect to move large masses of models on the table; actually with 40-50 minis per side you can have a game, making them suitable to play with the larger scales (25mm or 28mm).

The initial release will include army lists for FIW, AWI, Peninsular Campaign,  ACW and the Indian Mutinity. However TFL is already working on a series of complementary lists that will available for free download and some of their popular Pint-Sized Campaign books (called because the price is the pint of beer in the author's favourite  pub at Saint Albans).

Currently I have put my sight in the Napoleonic period with a twist to the Peninsular Campaign period. But if the rules root firmly among my gaming pals, I cannot discard at all a Carlist project or a painting project covering the FIW and the AWI period.

So wallet is lighter and only rests now to wait patiently to April 23rd.

Sunday, 27 March 2016

II World War French Vehicles Kickstarter

A good catch by our fellow Nordic blogger Joakim aka The Miniatures Man: a very interesting new Kickstarter of French Vehciles of the Second World War. The project incude several rarities but personally the most interesting part is the inclusion of the vehicles modified by the German engineer Alfred Becker and put to good use by the (reconstitued) 21st Panzer Division in Normandy as part of the strecht goals.

One has been already unlocked (the Reihenwerfer)

And having broken the GBP5,000 goal, the 7.5cm pak 40 Somua must also be available by now.

Next in the list is the Geschutzwagen 39H (f) but will only be released when reachin the GBP7,500 level, unlikely considering that the campaign has already collected GBP5,500 with only a few days to run.

The Kickstarter covers both the 28mm and 20mm scale and will close in 5 days from now. I'm not a big fan of crowfunding campaigns (so far I have only participated in one), but this one deserves at least a seriousconsideration on my part.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Je suis Bruxelles

My sympathies and solidarity with all Bruxelliens and Belgian citizens in general after the horrid terrorist massacre today. Unfortunately, we in Madrid know very well how you feel, we have trodden that path many-many times in the not so long past.

Monday, 21 March 2016

Fallschirmjager Rooms at Overloon Museum

After finishing my German paratroopers painting project, I think it would be nice sharing with you one of my main sources of inspiration and also where the idea was initially conceived: the Fallschirmjager rooms at the Overloon Museum in The Netherlands.

This privately-run museum owns one of the most outstanding IIWW armour collections in Europe but also the best collection of German paratroopers uniform and material that I have ever seen. I will now post a selected number of photos taken there and you will understand why after exiting the rooms I became obsessed about this project.