Friday, 5 September 2014

Ejército Popular de la República - The Reinforcements are Here

This is my second (and brief) post-holiday blog entry. I spent most of my painting time preparing the core nucleus of my Republican Army platoon for Chain of Command España. You have above the HQ section with an officer (Superior Junior Leader), a runner (with a flag) and a NCO (Sargeant).

The platoon has three sections:
  • A mortar section with 2 squads (that usually doubled as a pure rifle section due to the scarcity of these weapons in the Republican side)
  • Two rifle-grenadier sections each made of 3 squads (at 5 men each squad)
I managed to paint the 2 full rifle sections (a total of 30 models))...

together with a couple of supports: an LMG team...

... and a Russian-supplied 45mm AT Gun with crew

All figures are from the excellent albeit somewaht short in references, Empress Miniatures models (currently the only active supplier of 28mm models for this conflict).

On the painting desk still lie two light and one heavy mortar squads, one heavy machine gun and a few LMGs. I hope to make some progress on this through September, ready for the November campaign that we are planning. Note that I also have (for a later stage) a T 26, a Bilbao armoured car and a UNL wheeled armoured vehicle waiting in line.

NOTE: the flag showed in the photos is not a regular EPR model, but belonga to a 5th Regiment battalion; lacking a proper one I could not resist putting it there. The flag is from the superb Adolfo Ramos models range.    

Monday, 1 September 2014

Non-stop to Madrid - A Chain of Command España Battle Report

I’m back after a short 10-day break. As you’ll see over the next days, I’ve been all except idle having used this time to make a second visit to El Puerto del León (this time visiting the Republican lines), painted an initial batch of Spanish Civil War forces and even played with Chain of Command España.

This is the first post with the battle report of a game we played last weekend. The setting is the summer of 1936, where a column of Requetés (Carlists) Nationalists is confronted by a group of local Republican militias at a key cross road in a rural area.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

The Republican Army in the Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939

Just to bring your attention to this high-quality book review of Michael Alpert's classical must-read work at the IIWW Military Operations Research Group blog (one that I strongly endorsed and you should follow in any case).

This book has an interesting story in itself:

The first edition  was published in Spanish in the late 60's but not in Spain;  this was the type of topic obvioulsy disliked by the Franco's regime censorship office!!  The edition was undertaken by Ruedo Ibérico, a France-based editorial group run by a group of  Spanish Republicans exiled in the country after 1939. 

Incidentally, my father (who was not exactly a great Franco fan) used to "smuggle" books from this editorial any time he had the opportunity to travel abroad ... and I'm now a proud owner of a first edition copy :-)

A second and greatly updated edition, after the declasification of some of the Civil War archives, was released a few years ago... and yes this time it was publised in Spain. 

Nonetheless, I must say  that the English edition is surprisingly pricey (GBP 65!!), specially compared to the Spanish edition (€25) and I don't understand why the price differential; although the book is highly recommendable, think twice before commiting to such an investment.

Monday, 11 August 2014

Chain of Commnand Grows Bigger

Ufff! No summer break at Lard Island this year. If last week we had the Winter Storm campaign pack, today a new short (a 13-pager) but exciting publication (available for free download) that allows to play larger battles (more than 1 platoon per side) and to field armoured forces with Chain of Command.

I've just skipped through it and to my relief the core of the system remains unchanged and you only need to make some small tweaks and adaptations to play. Very timely for my gaming group, who was already discussing and testing how to put more tanks on a table looking into our second campaign in Africa.

PS: These days is Chain of Command's first anniversary. Reviewing  my wargaming activity over the last 12 months in the blog, I've just realized that 99% of my games have been with Chain of Command and no signs of exhaustion yet, neither me, nor anybody of my gaming group.... on the contrary, everyday more excited... and facing September with a full pipeline of new games/campaigns: Spanish Civil War, a second Afrika CoC campaign, Villers Bocage and Winter Storm scheduled for Christmas/early 2015.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Viller Bocage Campaign - Game 1

The Chain of Command game played last Sundaybelonging to the Villers Bocage campaign (battle report  here) prompted a heavy email discussion and exchanges among our gaming group which resulted in the decision to play the full campaign, starting as early as... today!

The battle took place just a week after the D-Day landings and was related to the early British attempts to take control of the key city of Caen. Elements of the 7th Armoured Division exploited a gap in the German defense line west of Caen and moved towards Villers Bocage attempting to outflank the Panzer Lehr Division.

The battle is well known for the bloody defeat suffered by British armoured forces in the village itself when ambushed by the Tigers of the 101st SS Panzer Heavy Battalion (Whitmann); but this campaign is focused on the actions of the infantry formations     

Friday, 8 August 2014

Winter Storm - The Drive for Stalingrad CoC Campaign

Exciting news this morning at the TooFatLardies HQ. Winter Storm. a new scenario and campaign book for Chain of Command has been released (perfect timing for my weekend reading). The booklet was written by Richard Morrill ("the other Richard"), long time Lardista and fellow blogger; you can follow him in his blog "The Rat Report".

This 94-pages supplement comprises 22 fully detailed scenarios, organised in 4 mini-campaigns that can played individually or interlinked. The book deals with the German attempt to relieve the siege of Stalingrad in December 1942. Together with the scenarios, several new army lists have been released including German Panzergrenadiers or Russian patisan units, all with the corresponding support assets adapted to the year and theater. A nice bibliography appendix is also included (much appreciated!)

The book is also compatible with the CoC's campaign supplement At the Sharp End with minor variations, explained  

Although adapted for CoC the scenarios and information can be generally used for other rules sets at the same playing scales (Platoon-size encounters) ...and at a cost of 7 pounds, there's limited risk of loss in your purchase. 

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Architecture in La Mancha: A Photo Report of Almagro

In early July I spent a weekend with a group of friends at Almagro a beautiful town near Ciudad Real in the La Mancha region and at about two hours by car from Madrid. Almagro is well known for his traditional architecture typical of central-southern Spain, its buildings and main square (Plaza Mayor) from the XVI-XVII century. Almagro was the main seat of the Knight Order of Calatrava, a powerful and important order of the late Reconquista period.

Almagro is also the site of one of the oldest theaters in Spain ("Corral de Comedias"), placed inside the patio of a tavern and famous for the plays performed of the golden age of Spanish literature (Siglo de Oro) major writers between the XVI and XVII centuries. After a long decay, the building was restored in the 50s and in July every year a major international theater festival takes place (which incidentally was the reason of our trip), with classical as well as modern plays are performed.

The town streets, residential houses façades and major buildings (palaces, monasteries, churches...) are in extremely good state and when you walk those streets is like travelling 500 years back. What follow is a selection of the photos I took in two different trips (this year and in 2010), aiming to serve a source of inspiration for those of you (specially from abroad) who like playing wargames in a Spanish context, appropriate for any period from the Napoleonic or Carlists Wars to the Spanish Civil War.

I hope you find it useful and may be inspirational of you are a scrtachbuilder aficionado... whatever the case, enjoy the photos.