Thursday, 17 June 2010

A ridge not too far

The final version of the Arras 1917 Scenario that I have called "A Ridge not too Far" has been uploaded as a pdf document. Access also in the "Resources" section. Thanks to my friends of Club Dragón for investing their time in the test phase. Please feel free to leave any comments.

Now on to Cambrai!


  1. Thanks for offering the PDF of the scenario - it looks really good. I particularly like the force rosters - they make it very clear on the first glance what's available and is far clearer than what we've been using for our games! The scenario looks nicely balanced. Interesting that you mentioned that the scenario might be too favourable to the British....I was almost thinking that the Germans would have the upper hand. Well, only one way to find out....

  2. Sidney. If you follow the thread of entries commenting some of the battle reports you'll see that it has not been the case. Germans were totally defeated the first time and tht's why I try to rebalance the scneario in a second try