Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Trench Raiders in the workbench

I decided to reduce my pile of lead figures and painted this week a group of British trench raiders that I bought from Renegade Miniatures last Spring. The minis are not as good as those produced by Great War Miniatures, but have some peronal character and I think they will look great when placed on the table.

Still some painting details to be completed, put some varnish  and, of course, the basing.

The following picture show the Renegade (center) next to 2 Great War minis (extreme right and left)


  1. They've great character faces, good work.

  2. Great stuff. They're very characterful, aren't they. I bet they look the part on your tabletop. I just wish they did some Germans to go alongside....oh, and some French raiders....and some Americans....and....and....

  3. Thanks guys. I reckno I did not go into a detailed painting work this time, speed was rpiority.
    @Sidney: Renegade has released some German trench raiders but there's no photo yet in the website