Thursday, 26 July 2012

New Kids on the Block

I discovered this morning through Emilio's A Cova do Trasno blog, a new about-to-be-born miniatures company called Minairons Miniatures. These guys seems looking to tap the "ready-to-roll" vehicles market with a focus in the Spanish Civil War. The first model to be launched is a PzI A with two versions (twin MGs and the Breda-modified model) at 1/72 scale.

Reading their blog, it is not clear to me if they will cover other scales in the future: looking to  introducing some democracy in the model making world (or perhaps attempting to uncover the real maket demand) they have undertaken a poll among the blog readers to show their preference for the next model to add to their portfolio... but 37 ballots collected seem to me a a far from reliable result.

In any case, a welcome addition to the model making world and a brand worth keeping an eye  in the next future.


  1. It seemed that they will try 15mm at some point from their post on Lead Adventure forum. I am looking forward to see what they do.

  2. Yeps, it seems that the next plan will be 15mm and then, produce the first republican vehicle (maybe T-26). They've just published new photos of the pz i painted:

  3. Thanks for this! I have a bunch of SCW figures primed and ready for paint so this might provide the impetus.