Friday, 26 October 2012

Angry dice hit home!

A few weeks ago, mythical blogger Fran (a.k.a.The Angry Lurker), posted a give-away prize to celebrate the second anniversary of his blog, comprising a set of special dice of its informal wargamers association called the "Posties Rejects" (now also comprising several honorary overseas members). The only thing you needed to do was to participate in the draw was to leave a comment in its blog.

Well, to my surprise I was one of the lucky chosen despite the fact that I entered my comment on the very LAST day to do it (thanks Big Lee for the remainder... I had a peak of work the previous two weeks and totally missed the original post at Fran's blog!!)

This week the dice arrive by post, and from now I'm a proud owner of this rare and limited dice collection; so many thanks again to Fran for the prize. I'm now expecting to "blood" for the first time theses six-sided guys  over weekend in the jungles of Vietnam. Keep an eye on this blog to watch their performace after Sunday.



  1. Delighted you got them and liked them!

  2. ¡Qué suerte! Y qué envidia...

  3. Well done on the win, lets hope you don't throw the Reject logo many times!

    1. True, I just realized last night! You should have printed the logo in the "6", not in the "1"