Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Books for my Birthday

Saturday it was my birthday but I'm entering into an age that I feel no real excitment to celebrate. In any case I decided to treat myself with some special reading and considering my recent foray into Normandy with Chain of Command I went for these two books after reading some good comments in the TFL Yahoo Group and in fellow blogger and Lardite fan Mike Whitaker's blog Trouble At T'Mill respectively.

Eagles and Bulldogs tells the story of the 29th US Infantry Division and the 3rd Bitish Infantry Division from Omaha and Sword beaches to their objectives at Saint Malo and Caen in June 1944. Witten by Major General Michael Reynolds, author of some other works about the German forces in Normandy,  it achieved an average 4,5 stars  from readers in the Amazon website.


Battle was written by famous author Kennteh Macksey and as far as I know is well known classic work in the anglo-saxon countries but unlike many of his other books, was never trnaslated into Spanish. The books tells in detail the fighting in the bocage country, in which KM participated; although fictional, it is actually based on real facts and the experiences of the author at that time. It got 5 stars from readers in the Amazon website.

The focus on small combat actions makes an excellent source of scenario inspiration to play Chain of Command.

I acquired these two interesting reading pieces for as low as 6€ each, bought in the Amazon marketplace as "used" but in  avery pristine state. The courier service was excellent, hitting my mailbox today only a week after ordering. Who could ask for more? My only problem now is to choose one to start. I have a return trip to Barcelona tomorrow by train and will spend around 5 hours in total... and I don't know yet which of the two to take with me  


  1. Happy birthday. Both books sound interesting. Don't think you could go wrong either way.

  2. Congratulation !!!

    Best regards Michael

  3. Happy birthday!!!
    Enjoy your books

  4. Happy birthday, Benito, and have a really nice reading of those books!

  5. ¡Feliz cumpleaños y feliz lectura!

  6. A belated Happy Birthday to you Sir!

  7. Thanks/ gracias to all... more depressing than when I turned 50 last year