Tuesday, 28 May 2013

TooFatLardies Special is Out

An early-bird issue this time, TooFatLadies released yesterday its biannual publication Special. I can agree on the "special" but hardly on the "summer" in the title, as the bloody winter has decided to stay for much more longer than usual in Spain (still below 20ºC!!).

And what do you get? Well for 6 bucks (less than a breakfast at Starbucks in the UK) a total 130 pages of really good and high-quality content (see below) for your games with the TFL rule sets,

Two articles that I read last night were outstanding: a campaign with the British XXX Corps in the race to Arnhem (suitable for IABSM)  and a wonderful analysis of the British tactics in the last year of the Great War (for Mud & Blood).

The detailed index is as follows:

Highway to Hell.   A min-campaign for the Irish Guards Battlegroup on Day 1 of Operation Garden

Beware the Tides of March. Phil Hendry presents a Roman versus British scenario for August to Aurelian 
The KMH Squadron Builder.  Nick shows us how to generate naval squadrons for Kiss Me Hardy games
The Green Fields Beyond. British infantry tactics for the open warfare of 1918. An overview of the organisational and tactical development in the last year of the Great War along with three scenarios
If You go Down to the Woods Today.  Mike Whitaker takes a look at providing realistic terrain for Dux Britanniarum

Of All Base Passions. Pat Smith presents his rule amendments for Sharp Practice in the Wars of the Roses

 Escape to Cock Lane. A scenario set in the aftermath of the Battle of St Albans as you attempt to evade the victorious Yorkists. As scenario from the War of the Roses first battle

 Bloody Greenstead 1477.  Pat presents his epic War of the Roses scenario for Sharp Practice

 CAS in CSD. Brian Weathersby gives us an insight into airpower in Vietnam to add some punch to our Charlie Don’t Surf Games.  

 Lard & the Blogosphere. Blogging superstar and international man of mystery Sidney Roundwood gives us the low down on blogging in wargaming

 Conflict on Kovnat. Inter-Galatic warrior Robert Avery presents a scenario for some hot action on Planet Kovnat for his Quadrant 13 rules 

 Double Dux. Regular Man-of-Lard Chris Stoesen gives us some tips for multi-player gaming with Dux Britanniarum. 

 How to Protect Your Kibbutz. Tag team Jon Yuengling and Mark Kinsey present their thoughts on gaming the Yom Kippur War of 1973 along with two scenarios and rule additions for IABSM.

 The Roundwood Report. Sidney dons his surgical gloves to probe Fat Nick in his first interview from the dungeons of Lard Island. Could it be more painful than it sounds?

 Hotter than a Snake’s Ass. No, not a follow on piece from above! Nuno Pereira looks at weather from Da Nang to the Delta and how it can affect our games in Vietnam. 

 Your Dirty Rat 2. Nick builds up to the crescendo of his puply gangster game planned for the Christmas Special with part two of his force collection tales 

 Who Pulled his Chain?  Big Rich talks Chain of Command as he explains some of the thinking behind the new concepts you can look forward to in the summer
 Bagging the Bismarck. The Fat Lad presents the “ultimate war in the Atlantic scenario for Bag the Hun. Can you bag this nautical Hun?

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  1. Very interesting Summer special. Some of the articles are very useful for me...