Saturday, 29 June 2013

Chain of Command: Countdown to Release Starts

Richard Clarke just announced that CoC's playtesting phase is over and the final editing of the rules is now at full throttle. I expect the publised version out in the second half of July, as initially marked by Lard Island. Personally, this was my first game-testing experience and I have enjoyed it all-over these months, even if during this last lap I reduced my activity substantially due to conflicting personal/profesional and gaming schedules. I'll now concentrate in reading version 6 of the playtest pdf to try spotting any typos, contradictions, etc, as a way of helping the TFL team. I'd also like to thank Richard for the opportunity to work in this exciting project.    


  1. Teriffic news Benito :)

    I´m realy looking forward to try out CoC, might get me in to ww2 gaming again !

    Best regards Michael

  2. It is fun to work with Rich on play testing. I too look forward to the final version.

  3. Very exciting, I will have to speed up my painting to be ready.


  4. A great news; this ruleset sounds very interesting.