Monday 24 June 2013

Playing Chain of Command in an open terrain

I'm a true believer now!...if I ever had some doubts (which wasn't my case anyway).
This morning, Richard Clarke and Nick Skinner had undertaken the supreme test to the Chain of Command rules system, by playing a game in a basically open flat terrain (think Holland for example...) to show (1) that an attacking force (British) doesn't need a table full of LOS-breaking obstacles to win; and (2) that using historical tactics renders good results (you know, playing the period and not the rules).

I strongly recommend reading the detailed post at the Lard Island blog today describing phae by phase the debvelopment of this very intresting game. Not only illustrative of the rules mechanics but also a lesson in good tactical handling a force (.... I bow to your tactical genius, señor Clarke)    


  1. This was a great example game. I learned quite a bit.

  2. Nice write-up Benito ! It was a realy good AAR and impresive that the rules work so well, realy looking forward to their release.

    Best regards Michael

  3. Thanks Benito. I know Richard and Nick will be really pleased you enjoyed their post. I thought it was a very well thought out game. (OK, I'm biased, but still, it WAS excellent!)

  4. Yes, a very good example of game with this ruleset. I´m really, really interested now (and looking for a box for my "B. A. book...).