Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Project Afrika CoC - Update # 1

Just a month ago now, I announced the launching of our first 2014 wargaming initiative at the club  called the "Afrika CoC Project" intended to play the North African 1941-42 campaign with Chain of Command. You may wonder if once the initial excitement was off and we cooled down, the project was basically filed.

Well, not at all!...  And on the contrary, we have as a group made substantial progress, to the extent that we expect to start the first games of a (still to work in detail) campaign by early February:

Group achievements so far:
  • Ordered a large desert-terrain (200 x 250 cm) warmat to Barrage Miniatures, delivery expected by early February
  • Ordered (and already arrived) some AFVs from Perry Miniatures
  • Created a group Dropbox file and collected different useful materials, including painting guides, agreeing on the use of the same colour references for minis and bases
My personal progress on the project is not bad considering the short time span since the launch date. After researching some reading materials on the campaign, in addition to some Ospreys I have been reading the desert chapters of the Life of Field Marshall Rommel by Brendan Fraser and The Rommel Papers edited by Liddle-Hart. And in my reading pile I have right now Robert Crisp's Brazen Chariots and have recently ordered to Amazon Crucible War by Barrie Pit

Special mention to a little jewell that I discovered in my late father's library and that I remember reading in my teen years: the Spanish version of With Rommel in the Desert. This is an old edition from 1961(I was not even born yet!) ...

... with my father's hand-written notes and library stamp in it!

Last but not least, my Santa present in the form of an Italian force is now close to concluded, only pending on working the bases and varnishing. I have a full Squadra painted comprising two Lmg teams and a rifle team with eleven men plus the leaders.

Command, Rifle, LMGs and FOO teams
On the painting table I have to CV 33 Italian tankettes that I hope to get finished by the time the campaign starts.

So very satisfied with the progress of the project so far and excited with the gaming Sundays ahead of us from February on

A final note: I'll be out on a long business trip from Friday until January 27th so don't expect to see me around here over the next 2 weeks


  1. Looks good so far! The desert seems to be quite an interesting theatre lately.

  2. Roll on February and what I can see of your painted figures, they look very, very good.

  3. Interesting to see the progress, the Italians look very good, like the basing as well. Guess who ordered two mats from Baragge as well :-)

  4. Great job on your Italians. Been watching your progress on VisLardica.

  5. Esto me recuerda una edición de bolsillo del 85 que sin dura releeré