Sunday, 5 January 2014

TooFatLardies Paint Campaign

Rob Avery, fellow Lardite collegue and owner of the Vis Lardica website, has launched a non-competitive painting contest open to the wider Lard community which I joined today. What we basically aim is to have a record of our paiting progress through the year but without the stress of beating the neighbours in a race.

Rob has kindly offered to keep a record of our painting feast along 2014 and a  public scorecard will be kept. I found it a good way of tracking my achievements and provide some self-dicipline to this part of my hobby activities ...  and considering how slooooooooow painter I am (a well proved fact), I'll be more than happy if I finished second...but counting from the bottom up of the list...

So wish me luck :-)

On your marks, ready... 


  1. As you ask: Good luck Benito!


  2. Just signed up for this myself. It should be useful.

  3. Super idea. I shall request that Senor Avery add me to his list!