Tuesday, 15 April 2014

My NOT-Sa_loot (*) and Easter Break

(*) Title and idea unshamelessly stolen to fellow blogger and Lardista Mike Whitaker :-)

Funny coincidence, just three days after Salute 2014, today I have received a couple of packages by mail that in justice can represent my loot from my NOT-Salute celebration. See in the photo above:
  • Some water transfers for my Italian armoured (really?) forces
  • An Italian Solothurn AT rifle
  • The Italian 47mm Elefantino AT gun
  • My hardcopy of the latest TooFatLardies release, the Raiders supplement for Dux together with the cards
  • An last, but not least, "another" box of DAK Perrys to be shared with my friend and club mate Santi (not enough LMGs in one box to fill the panzergrenadier platoon OOB); this last piece was actually acquired in a local shop yesterday evening
This happy (Easter) bunny starts his 4 days holiday tomorrow evening, so don't expect to see much activity in this blog until next week. If weather is right, I'll be working in some of these new acquistions so hopefully I'll post some photos of the finished models.

Hope you all have a good Easter break


  1. To receive a pack with minis is always a very pleasant moment!

    Great group of news!!!

  2. i really can't believe no-one's come up with the Sa-Loot pun before! :D