Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Summer Reading

A heads up and a full off-topic comment

Heads up: Have your purses ready, gentlemen as Pen & Sword has announced this afternoon an eBook sale that will last until August 19. Get one eBook free for each one (not for each two, as I wrongly wrote initially) acquired in the online shop. A must for any Napoleonic, WWI and WWII wargamer aficionado... and also worth looking if you play the Ancient period.

Off topic: Please meet Joe Ledger, my new favourite secret agent... well not totally new as I started reading his novels last summer. I cannot remember where or when I heard abut this character and the books written by Johnathan Maberry but these are the perfect relaxing literature for my lazy summer days.

Believe me, I'm not a fan of popular bestsellers but these are the best action books that you could probably find in the market. The introduction is the Wikipedia article tells it all

The Joe Ledger series follows the titular Captain Joe Ledger, a former Army Ranger and Baltimore Detective who is hired by the clandestine Department of Military Sciences(DMS), as an investigative agency pursuing threats to the US and the world at large by terrorists who are using cutting edge and exotic technology ranging from designer pathogens that create zombies to transgenics used for ethnic cleansing. 

So there you go, plots that combine zombies with jihadist, in a contest where the DMS a secret undercover US government agency fight different ultra-secret terrorist organisation that make look Spectra as a kids´ kindergarten

The plots are great, the characters are each one unique (the main heroes and villains, but also the secondary personae) and the action trepid from page one to the end... I got literally glued to the book almost to the last page once I start reading one of these books (...and that alos explains why I only read them on holidays!!)

So far I've devoured Patient Zero (zombie jihadists attempting to overtake the Western World), The Dragon Factory (genetic engineered army of supersoldiers) and The King of Plagues (a super plague threatens to end with all human trace from earth), the latter concluded last night; and likely I will take on Assassins Code (already downloiaded into my Kindle) before the end of August.


  1. Thanks for the pointer on the Joe Ledger stories. Sounds interesting and seems to be well worth a closer look.

  2. Thank you a lot for the advise and comments about that secret agent!!!