Friday, 26 September 2014

From Empire To Revolution - The I World War in the East

TooFatlardies has just released From Empire to Revolution, a supplement to its popular WWI rules set Through the Mud & the Blood for company-sized and skirmish actions. As usual by TFL, the book is available in pdf format from its website at the princely cost of GBP7.0

This 80-pages long book covers 
  • A full section dealing with the Austro-Hungarian and Russian armies of the war, including OBs, tactics analysis, etc.
  • 16 historical scenarios between 1914 and 1917
  • A bibliography section to allow readers digging deeper in the topic
I have just downloaded my copy and therefore did only have time to rapidly skip through it. But written by Chris Stoessen, a very familiar name already in the TFL circles and active blogger,is more than enough guarantee of quality to me. 

Chris other works for Sharp Practice  in the American War of Independence or more recently "In the Name of Roma" for I Ain't Been Shot Mum and Chain of Command are thoroughly researched, solidly base on historical events, well written and this last publication, beautifully edited.

I really appreciate, on the one hand, that Chris has waded through this muddy and less well-known front of the Great war; and I hate him, on the other, because he's opening my appetite to engage again in the period (after a long absence!!)  and to start a new project, distracting me from my current endeavours (Spanish Civil War and WWII Chain of Command) 


  1. Take a look at Peter Pig Miniatures. You can get a starting forces for one of the scenarios with just a couple of packs of figures (4). I deliberately tried to have a wide range of scenario sizes.

  2. I agree with you, Benito. This is a great temptation in a very inopportune :) moment! Chris Stoesen work is really good and this is a very nice period to play. And there are 28mm figures available...

    Thank you a lot for the report!

  3. For 28mm Austrians, take a look to Scarab Miniatures. They are mostly late war and a bit chunky, but nonetheless nice figuies to paint; Brigade games has Austrians with the soft cap but I have not seen the models myself. As for Russians, I only know the Briagde Gmaes series for the Russian Civil War

  4. A great excuse to field by RJW Russians.... Another great suppliment by Chris.


    Best RCW 28mm figures. :D