Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Back from Crisis 2015

Long hiatus in the blog, but more than justified as I have been out travelling around Belgium and Holland after attending Crisis 2015 in antwerp. Just landed last night and obviously have lack the time to start organising even my thoughts, not say the photos (over 700 taken...)

I plan to write several posts on Crisis, each of the battlefield visits (Waterloo, Arnhem, Ardennes/Bastogne) and about the Military Museum in Brussels.

Be patient, please...


  1. Hi Benito!
    That treasure trove of photos and reports will definitely be worth waiting for. I have been following your exploits on the TFL list with some envy. Glad to hear you are safely home. I am hoping to plan a trip to Europe around Crisis one of these years.

  2. Looking forward to seeing your travel photos.

  3. Looking forward to your photos and your thoughts on the show etc.