Sunday, 1 November 2015

Ramps Down!

I could not make to the club today but have been in an email exchange  and being sent several photos from the Pacific Theatre game played this morning. It was a test game of "Ramps Down!" the seaborne invasion supplement for the incoming Second World War close combat skirmish rules "Rattenkrieg" written by my friend and owner of Barrage Miniatures, Alf Comps jointly with (my also friend) Alejandro Lozano.

These set of rules have been in an extended testing phase since early this year; but according to my proprietary sources :-) they will be released before Christmas. You can download an excerpt of the rules here.

Although the focus of Rattenkrieg is urban close combat fighting with infantry and armoured support, the game this morning was aiming to test the core mechanism using a larger amount of troops and in a sea-landing environment.  The first results look promising, although some tweaks will be needed as well as incorporating other extended support options.

The game was played with around 50 minis per side, landing craft models, bunkers and other defensive constructions as well as amphibious vehicles. Incidentally, the mats, most of the boats shown and the bunkers, etc can be ordered from Barrage Miniatures.

I leave you know with a selection of photos from the game today. Hope you enjoy them  

General View of the Table


The Evil Defenders

More Evil Defenders

Approaching the Beach

Approaching the Beach

Direct Hit!

Ramps Down!
Go, go, go!!